The Giant Al Quran

It’s been so long since I posted something to this blog. Path, Instagram, Facebook, etc, those kind of socmed really spoil us. With those like, share, and repath button that make me lazy to write a blog. Oow. Did I start blamming? Pardon me.. :p

Yesterday was my 27th years birthdate. Happy birthday to me! 😀


“My 27th Birthcake”

I pray for the health, calmness, and happiness in my life along this year. I wish I can always be the reason of my parent’s happiness, make them proud of me. Amen!

Today, after 27 years I stay in Palembang, finally I went to Gandus! 😀 What is special about Gandus? Since 2008, there is the great (giant) Holy Al Quran. The sculptured Al Quran was arranged in five floor modest building beside its maker house. It is near of the land where is planned to build a pesantren. Actually the project isn’t finished yet, there are only 15 juz that has been finished.


“The Ticket Counter. You only have to pay Rp 5.000/person.”

Once you enter the door, you will see the biggest Al Quran arranged upward become a five-floor of 15 juz of Al Quran.


“The Giant Al Quran”



“Pardon me. 😀 “


“Story behind the make of Al Quran Al Akbar”

Al Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW, starting one night during the month of Ramadhan in 610 AD. He received the first revelation from the angel Jibril. Muhammad was illiterate, as mentioned in the Quran itself, “Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write, whom they will find described in the Torah and the Gospel (which are) with them…” (Quran 7:157).

Since I have to sleep before the kukuruyuk sound wake me up and remind me that I have to do the residency life, let me close this post with this capture I got from Jakarta Post. Here is my favourite part of article written by Laura Harris.


“….. They are also prone to lawsuits regarding malpractice without any protection from their faculties……”

Read more:

To all doctors, keep awake even when you are dreaming. Every day every hour turn the pain into power (Superheroes, The Script :D). Good night, Universe!


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