It’s been 5 years since I posted my last writing on this blog. I keep asking myself what would be happened if this blog was a baby girl? Maybe she would go to kinder garden by herself, then when I came back to her, she’ll look at me with her innocent face yelling “Jadi beda satu purnama di dunia maya dan dunia nyata?” Hahaha.. Yeah, that Line-advertisement-AADC-version-video is so membekas di hati. Pardon me. 😀

What’s happened in those 5 years? I’ve finished my collage, done my internship, worked, enjoyed my-rollercoaster-love-life, and now I’m 25! Ah, 25 is not that bad, is it? Hahaha.. Lets hope that the number of 25 haven’t killed my creativity, nor delimited me in writing.

Couple weeks ago, I met Presyl, one of blogger-I-know-from-rumahblogger.com. She contacted me, told me she would come to Palembang, then we met. Yeay! That was my first “kopdar” with her, finally. After that evening chit-chat, I end up promise myself to post whatever I write on my blog. Stop adding junk-to-my-draft.

So, here I am. Tadaima! 🙂


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